Who is Roxy Roodle?

In 2009, after a fruitless search for easy to clean, fun to play with, non-plastic play food to give to the little folks in our lives for the holidays, I decided I would just have to make what I was looking for myself. Now seven years later, I’m a mom and am even more passionate that toys should be safe and that play should be fun. In addition to our Almost Edible fleece play food line, in 2013 we branched out into other handcrafted toys and child accessories that help make raising a plastic free family easier.

I have always been interested making things, taking stuff, and turning it into something new. I like creating things with my hands. It’s exciting to come up with an idea and creating something new. I went to college at the University of Idaho for Art, Technical Theater, and Architecture. For nearly 20  years I have worked as a nanny and now I’m also a mother to two amazing kids. It’s a fun job, getting to watch small people grow and mature into their personality, getting to spend time watching them learn through play. Theses two aspects of my life are what brought together the creation of Almost Edibles and Roxy Roodle.

Pumpkin enjoys picking out new prints of fabric in tPumpkin sewing he store (many of the new flannel prints are ones he picked). He also enjoys setting up the booth and helping organize the fleece foods and other products.  He loves to help run the booth and can be found at most of our local events “working” behind our table and being ridiculously cute. After turning four Pumpkin started following in mama’s footsteps and designing. He has lots of big ideas and has started                                                 learning to use the sewing machine on his own.






lucy Rutabaga  is the newest member of Roxy testing out a reversable babyslingRoodle.   She likes unfolding the fabric shelves and shredding important papers in her spare time. She takes her job as quality control tester very seriously. Her fierce sense of personal style and love of wearing her babies has inspired our doll carriers and play clothes.









Roxy  is our toy poodle with a big personality who likes dressing up, going to the park, sunbathing, and fleece veggies. We named our store after her because she is just so darn cute.







Romey is our  lovable miniature poodle who enjoys long walks and going to the farmers market. A lot times Romey can be found asleep under our farmers market booth.