I haven’t written in a bit things have been a bit crazy. Lacking balance. Lacking sleep. 2 year molars are the worst. We got Pumpkins blood work done only took 3 people to hold him down while he screamed to do it.  I also hurt my knee it’s all swollen and giving out on me, had x-rays done which showed nothing, ish. They said go get an MRI done so at some point that might happen. Its in a brace now. Rutabaga has been very sad that we haven’t been able to take our moonwalks.  I have been working on sewing dresses, made a few wool felt eggs for Easter. Today we made birds and taped them on craft paper and then taped strips of paper to them to make bird nests. Pretty pathetic project but they had fun.

Mostly our rhythm has been off this month.  Partly the end of winter start of spring will it ever stop raining slog of this season. I have been enjoying all the rainbows we have seen this month. Usually we see 1 or 2 a day some days its 4. Perks to everything even rain.  This coming month we have a lot going on. Projects to get done, trips to take. Hopefully fun day outings who knows what else.   Tent camping solo with just me and the two littles on the coast at the end of next month. Looking forward to that.  All in all things are going. Hopefully I will find my rhythm and my witting rhythm and our life rhythm again and get back into writing like I want to. rp_072.JPG


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