Planner book


Planner Book

I like having a planner book. As a mom its really nice to keep the books for looking things up in the future. I’ve used them more times than I can count to see just when the kids visited drs or milestones. I really like the Peter Pauper Press books. I used to carry the small book which fit great into my bag and had space to write in appointments. Since having two kids and work and everyone having things happening all over the place I have upgraded my planner to a big Mom’s Planner. It has spaces for more than one person’s schedule and lots of space to add extra stuff in.

Small planner book.
Mom’s planner book month layout.
I love the big calendar page It keeps me so organized. It has enough room to write lots of stuf in. I  aslo love the notes side on the side for the month. 

img_1160  Each week has space for lots of  different peoples appointments. I use one space for each the kids, one for meal planning, one for blog/business.

There are also sections in the back with lists. I keep  one of presents ideas for kids, blog ideas or other notes I want to remember for later, directions to dr offices and  other things I need to remember.  This year’s panner also has a space for business cards .



I added a big rubber band to my planner so it falls open to the right month and to hold papers that I need (this month has a lot with Pumpkin starting school and needing all sorts of documentation.



I also color my planner I do the months in a color wheel and add wasabi tape to mark out when the kids are with their dad.

So there is my book. I haven’t used it for meal planning yet so I’m excited to see how well that helps with organization.



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