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  • House…

    We found a house. It’s a little duplex with a tiny yard and a detached one car garage. It’s a small house 2 bedrooms 650 square feet. I’m hoping that it works out really well for us.  April 1st we get the keys and then I can start moving things in this weekend. So excited. […]

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  • Springtime

    I haven’t written in a bit things have been a bit crazy. Lacking balance. Lacking sleep. 2 year molars are the worst. We got Pumpkins blood work done only took 3 people to hold him down while he screamed to do it.  I also hurt my knee it’s all swollen and giving out on me, […]

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  • Spring

    Pumpkin commented the other day on the way home from work that it was still light out. Spring is coming.  We have been watching the birds at the bird feeder, little hummingbirds, songbirds, and now the robins are out among the trees. Flowers are starting to pop up.  It’s March but feels more like April. […]

  • allergies
  • Mombie

    I have felt like a total mommy zombie lately. Rutabaga has been doing an uber growth spurt, teething thing that makes her want to nurse all night long on top of the fact that she is still waking up in the middle of the night screaming in gas pain. Pumpkin was in a regression period […]

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  • grumpy caterpillars

    There are days when having 4 kids all day is nice, the keep each other out of trouble and entertained. Then there are days like yesterday when both littles are teething (2 year molars suck). When its rainy outside and everyone is cranky grumpy, fighting. I wrapped each kids up in a blanket and stuck […]

  • birthday
  • Rutabaga turns 2

    We celebrated Rutabaga’s birthday a week early since this weekend (her birthday is Friday) is a papa weekend. It was just a little family get together have some cake open some presents. She picked noodles with bacon for her birthday dinner.  She was excited to get some really cute clothes and socks. Lots of books, […]

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  • February

    Time just goes so fast.  The trees are starting to bud (which is scary it’s so early I fear for our summer fruit). It isn’t as dark as we drive home from work.  Yesterday the groundhog said that we won’t have any extra winter. I’ve been busy working on doing some custom order work and watching […]

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  • Waldorf Fluff

    Anyone who has ventured into Waldorf forums has heard the term Fluff.  Stay away from the “fluff” the veterans say. Waldorf is about more than pretty stuff. Which is true, but it feels a bit (OK a lot) hypocritical because you know those veterans are sitting in their pretty fluff filled houses.  Newbies are instructed […]

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  • Christmas Tree Skirt

    Tutorial (ish) I wanted to show how I did this since I love how it is coming out. I apologize for the quality of pictures. I’m not in love with my camera.  I think a new one is definitely going to be a thing this year.  Here is our Christmas tree skirt. It’s a bit […]