New Place

Slowly I’ve been moving our things out of storage and into the new house. My little “helpers” have made it exciting but things are more than 50% in the new space. I’m excited.  I can’t wait to get everything moved over and start getting things put away and actually living in our new house. Pumpkin picked out a bunch of seeds to plant a garden. I need to add a little fencing to the yard to keep Rutabaga out of the stree. I think we are going to be pretty happy here.

IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0680 IMG_0692 IMG_0675 IMG_0698

IMG_0697 IMG_0699

It is starting to feel like our space. The playroom is nice and big, the living room is cozy, our big bed will fit in the bedroom, I hope our dining table will tuck in a corner. I need to get curtains up and find a few bookcases to hold all our books. Kids are so excited that we have our library back they have been happily curled up reading all the “new” books.  I love the light that comes in and that the walls are a nice color that isn’t rental white. The floors are really nice too. Love that they are faux wood vs carpet.  This weekend the littles are with their dad and I am going to try and get the whole playroom set up while they are away. It should be easier to go through all the toys and get rid of a ton without their help. I’m also hoping to get an ikea trip in to get book shelves to get all the books out of boxes and the boxes out of the way.



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