housegrage We found a house. It’s a little duplex with a tiny yard and a detached one car garage. It’s a small house 2 bedrooms 650 square feet. I’m hoping that it works out really well for us.  April 1st we get the keys and then I can start moving things in this weekend. So excited.  I can’t wait to share pictures with everyone. How to make it work with 3 people in a small space and how we make Waldorf work in it.  It’s exciting to be able to start this new chapter and to be out of limbo. The three of us together making it into our home.

I will be taking lots of pictures before and after I get it all set up.  I’m going to attempt to follow some of that whole “magic of tidying up” cult book advice. I didn’t really like the book that much but there are parts that I though were an interesting take on things. I am hoping that after having everything sit in storage for so long that I will have some preservative to get rid of a lot of it.  I’m approaching it with a make it look like it could be posted on Apartment Therapy Small house contest. I also am giving things like sewing stuff, craft stuff, kids stuff, a set amount of space that the have to exist in, If they don’t fit they go.

We will see how well it works.


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