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bigkidsPumpkin is going to be 5 this fall. which is crazy. He isn’t old enough to start kindergarten but he is so ready to start school. He misses other kids, he wants to learn, he’s excited that he might get to ride a school bus. Lucky kid that he is he got into Head Start. Lucky in that its a federally funded program so they have to accommodate his food allergies and celiac.  I’ve talked to a few private preschools when he was younger and most of them said he was to big a risk to attend. Public school doesn’t have a choice they have to make it safe for him.

It has been such a learning curve for me. Piles of paperwork that needs to be done, forms filled out, detailed lists of what do if  he gets something he shouldn’t what to do if they think he might have gotten something bad. So much planning lists of food that are not safe, lists of food that is safe. What things in the classroom need to change.  504 plans, food safety plans.  Meeting, oh so many meetings. I’m excited for him. In a few weeks he will be off to school and for the 1st time ever be in someone else care for 12 hours a week. It’s a huge thing.

Its been lots of medical stuff around here lately getting celiac school paper work figured out, trying to get Occupational Therapy for Miss Rutabaga, she has been having some sensory issues that would be good to address now vs waiting to see if they get worse later. She also finally has a swallow study scheduled as the 1st step in trying to find out what is going on with her eating, gas, choking, tongue tie thing. Pumpkin has sleep apnea and we have an appointment with an ENT to talk about what to do about that in September.  There has also been talk of doing a food sensitivity panel on him to see if we need to alter his diet.

So much stuff. We did have to get a blood draw done on Pumpkin for school and he did amazing the 1st one he got a few months ago and had to be held down screaming and was very upset. I was not looking forward to the fact he need to get it done again but since he probably will need surgery for the sleep issue they have been working on his needle fears and medical bravery in play therapy. Talking about deep breathing and closing your eyes and visualising something else, and that you can be scared and brave is just doing it even though you don’t want to.

So We walked into the hospital to get the blood draw and got the same tech as last time (he was great all upbeat and happy even though pumpkin was trying to bite him and spit in his face.) He totally recognized us when we walked in there was a little flicker of oh great this kid again. But was really nice to Pumpkin talking to him trying to make it fun, explaining what he was going to do and he got another tech in to try and distract him/ help hold him if needed. Pumpkin sat on my lap and held the techs hand and squeezed his stuffed puppy he brought with him to help him be brave, closed his eyes and thought about his Truck calendar (I have no idea what he means by this? any ideas?) did deep baby lion breathes and got his blood drawn. They offered him a sticker and he said Oh I got mine at the dr office all ready thank you. Rutabaga kept pushing her way to see what was going on better while he was getting the draw and had no problem picking out a new sticker.  Tech was blown away by how great Pumpkin did.

Play therapy has been amazing I’ll write more about how amazing its been later but I can’t believe how much it has helped Pumpkin.


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