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  • Garden time

    I’m still slowly moving things over into the new place, trying to get things put away and organized and get rid of a ton of stuff we don’t need. So much stuff to sort though. That will be a later post though. Spring is here in full force and it is sunny the birds are […]

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  • Spring

    I love waking up and finding the sun shinning and the weather nice. Yesterday we headed to the university plant sale and got 14 tomato plants and a few flowers to fill out our raised beds. Its still weeks before the frost date passes and it will be safe to plant them outside.  So for […]

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  • New year New plan

    We are always working toward a better life. A big part of  that is reducing the trash that our household makes, and reducing our impact on the world. We where both brought up in frugal reused, recycle types of households. My goal in our house is  to not  use toxic stuff, on our bodies, in […]

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  • Spring!

      So spring is finally here and there is so much that I want to do this year I’m working on turning our boring grass yard into a garden. I’m not a fan of grass you have to mow it and water it and its just so boring. I would much rather have a yard […]