Autumn Is Here

It’s officially Autumn. Oh my goodness where did summer go? Pumpkin started school last week!

prekHe loves it and is excited about riding the bus. Once they add him to the bus route. There was a lot of drama over his medical issues and they had him on a medical hold on the 1st day which actually made me cry. I worked so hard to get everything together and do all the paperwork and the school failed to get something signed. They ended up getting it fixed and letting him start, but he’s still waiting to get added to a bus route.


Rutabaga is sad that brother is in school and misses him but she has her own thing going on she started occupational therapy for her sensory sensorydefensiveness. She likes some parts of it and other parts she is not a fan of at all (which is how it should be.) She gets to play games where her hands get messy and play on different kinds of swings (surprisingly she hates the swings) there is a climbing gym she tried today and loved it. Next week we are working on hair brushing, not sure how that is going to go.

I also started working this week teaching art and science at parks and rec after school program. I’m really excited about the job and once I get more classes and hours I think its going to be great. Right now I spend more time in traffic than teaching and finding childcare has been really tricky.

Suddenly our life has gotten very busy.  Pumpkin has his ENT appointment for his sleep apnea this week and we will see if he needs surgery and Rutabaga has her swallow study next week.  Fingers crossed for good results

With all this added stuff our rhythm is more important than ever. Tomorrow I’ll post about our Autumn rhythm and what we are doing  to make sure that we are on time for everything and not a crazy mess.



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