It sSeems crazy that is is 2018. Rutabaga just turned 4. It is mind blowing she is this strong independent little person who knows her own mind. She loves art and is always creating things which is fantastic, she loves to sing songs she made up. Unicorns and the color pink are very popular with her at the moment.  It’s Grand.


In other news, life, what not we are back in Norther Idaho. Pumpkin is going to a great school and loving kindergarten they are learning all about trees right now and have done cool field trips like rock climbing and winter hiking in the arboretum.  I am working at the same school which is fun, also have been working on making Almost Edible, Roxy Roodle and Reusable Goodness (our new reusable goods store) and getting back into Winter markets and Farmers markets and hopefully RenFair. It is really exciting. So for the next few months I’m working on sewing a lot of stuff getting back into making new things. I’m also trying to get our not quiet at tiny house home organized. I’m using a combination of that Magic of Tidy up book everyone is talking about and that Death cleaning thing and also we live in a freaking tiny space and if we don’t down size the hoarders tv people might show up.

It’s a lot but after five months of my computer cord being MIA I have finally found it and that means I’m totally back on board with blogging about life.  I’m trying to post on Instagram more and on Facebook and write stuff here. 2017 was a pretty intense year and I feel like I have gained some equilibrium that I’m able to move out of survival mode (no joke as type this there are ear shattering screams because Rutabaga just bit Pumpkin…. fixed that.) I’m hoping to be able to blog more about the great things that are going on and how we are bettering ourselves and new exciting things we are doing vs living in crisis survival mode like we have been for the past, I don’t even want to count years. So here it is life. Hope you enjoy what you read and as always feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.



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