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  • 2018

                          It sSeems crazy that is is 2018. Rutabaga just turned 4. It is mind blowing she is this strong independent little person who knows her own mind. She loves art and is always creating things which is fantastic, she loves to sing songs she […]

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  • Snow Days

    It’s been a while. life has been busy and crazy  but we are still here.  Portland has gotten a lot of snow. We have had a week of snow days. Trapped in our own winter wonderland. Kids have enjoyed getting out and playing in it. They missed living in a place with snow. Mama is […]

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  • Autumn Is Here

    It’s officially Autumn. Oh my goodness where did summer go? Pumpkin started school last week! He loves it and is excited about riding the bus. Once they add him to the bus route. There was a lot of drama over his medical issues and they had him on a medical hold on the 1st day […]

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  • Planner book

    Planner Book I like having a planner book. As a mom its really nice to keep the books for looking things up in the future. I’ve used them more times than I can count to see just when the kids visited drs or milestones. I really like the Peter Pauper Press books. I used to […]

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  • Dr. Office

    Pumpkin is going to be 5 this fall. which is crazy. He isn’t old enough to start kindergarten but he is so ready to start school. He misses other kids, he wants to learn, he’s excited that he might get to ride a school bus. Lucky kid that he is he got into Head Start. […]

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  • Where have we been?

    Life has been…. Challenging.  Moving, losing my job. trying to adjust to all sorts of stuff that goes on. Life being life. I haven’t had time to write. I’ve wanted to I’ve just been stuck survival mode.  I’ve missed it. Missed writing about our projects. Our garden, adventures, Waldorf, craft projects. So here is a […]

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  • Building a Garden

    As Promised some pictures of our veggie garden. We planted the seeds (lots of zucchini, pumpkins, and squash) hopefully next week we will have pictures of plants growing! And here are some pictures of our house box mess. I’m slowly sorting through things I’m hoping to get the big furniture things moved this week so […]

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  • Garden time

    I’m still slowly moving things over into the new place, trying to get things put away and organized and get rid of a ton of stuff we don’t need. So much stuff to sort though. That will be a later post though. Spring is here in full force and it is sunny the birds are […]

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  • New Place

    Slowly I’ve been moving our things out of storage and into the new house. My little “helpers” have made it exciting but things are more than 50% in the new space. I’m excited.  I can’t wait to get everything moved over and start getting things put away and actually living in our new house. Pumpkin […]